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Personal Brand Strategist & Executive Career Coach

As a Leader, your leadership and innovation is needed now more than ever in the ‘new normal’ and the world of work and business.


The changing landscape demands a different approach to your career. One where you authentically elevate your personal brand, not only for career opportunities but to serve as an ethical influence for your organisation’s goals. Future-proofing your career begins here…



Define your value, niche for personal brand positioning, and harness online and offline strategies to bypass what everyone else is doing for a career pivot or a new job.


Create a career by-design, tailored to your life purpose and values. Boost your work satisfaction and work / life balance without sacrificing your performance.


Build and grow your authentic personal brand, credibility and trust via a strategic framework to position yourself as a differentiator and make a greater impact in your sphere of influence.


Leverage your personal brand and influence for promotion, new career opportunities, backing for innovative concepts, and business deals & partnerships for your employer.

How To Future Proof Your Career

In the 'new normal', your personal brand will play a critical role for future career opportunities.



Nik Popovic

High Performance Coach

… was asked to work with 3 separate Chinese basketball clubs and 2 NBL clubs in Australia… decided to take the role with Melbourne United Basketball Club. Thank you so much.

Antonio G

Senior Executive

I won the Deputy CEO role… it’s a role that brings together all of my past experiences and learnings, hence a great opportunity. All the best to you.

Wayne E

Mechanical & Piping Lead Supervisor

Following these discussions and coaching from Tara I have secured a position in Kazakhstan on USD$38B ‘TCO’ Project in Tengiz Oil Fields with management team and key personnel unknown to me previously.

Rolf V

Global Head of Operations

… how to approach the job market through a multi-tier plan, key aspects of successful interviewing, which types of jobs to focus on etc. I received a number of job offers  [and] Tara advised me on which opportunities would suit my skillset better and therefore have a higher probability of long term job satisfaction and career growth.

Juan C

Civil / Project Engineer

I was able to find a job in less than 30 days that was more suitable with my career goals.

Christian N

UI/UX Manager

It took me exactly a week to find a job I really wanted. Not only that but profile views on LinkedIn increased by 30% giving me confidence of my achievement and allowing me to connect and extend my network.

Michael B

Business Development Executive

When one’s age is 50 plus most industries have a prejudice against employing the aged. My interview requests quadrupled and, within two days, I found a Business Development position, with a global company, that paid 6 figures plus.

Robert G

Commercial Manager

My profile went from zero for my target role keywords to 1st position and quick contact from recruiters. Its also good to have a supportive adviser alongside.




Personalised online and offline strategies to quickly secure a new role, without the ‘icky’ job search tactics.



Build and grow your authentic personal brand and thought leadership for career opportunities.



Leverage your personal brand and influence to make a greater impact. Achieve enhanced relationships and work / life balance.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.

~ Mark Twain



Personal Branding Strategies & Executive Career Coaching

You want more than just a job. You want a career. One that gives meaning and purpose. A career where you’re making a greater impact.

We get that. Which is why we’ve had the honour of working with some amazing individuals and companies in helping to transform careers and lives. 

Working side-by-side with our clients, we design authentic personal brands and strategies that cut above the noise and help Leaders, Executives and Emerging Leaders in elevating their value.

Standing out amongst the crowd and being a differntiator in your industry and sphere of expertise shouldn’t be done in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or inauthentic.

That’s why we provide a framework that allows you to express and showcase your value and worth that seems like a natural extension of who you are.  When things are natural, your ethical influence grows.

With strategies and personal branding and marketing that works for the ‘new normal’, we give you clarity, the tools, AND mindset support so you can transform your career… and we’re there beside you all the way.


Big Oak Coaching Is Different…


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