You're a Leader.


… and there’s likely a few things happening for you right now with your career.

Either your career is on hold… you’re starting to appreciate what it feels like to be a pilot suspended in a holding pattern, waiting hours to land. Unfortunately, yours is lasting days and months, not hours. Nothing is happening.

Maybe the new work situation has left you run off your feet. Which has highlighted that you want more out of your career. You envision yourself to be a thought leader in your industry.

Or perhaps the COVID-19 situation has given you the space to re-evaluate where you want to head in your career… whether that’s a new career path or the prospect of offering freelance or consultancy work. Regardless, you know you have gifts and talents to share with a business, if only it was the right role AND the right employer. AND that you could get that dream role in today’s job market… although you might be feeling that to be an impossibility.

Whatever your situation, the pandemic has highlighted to you just how unstable and unpredictable things are and can become – your job and future career included. If you’re like most of our clients, the thought of having to compete with potentially hundreds upon hundreds of other applicants for a role you won’t even like fills you with dread.

Instead, you want to be in a situation where your name and expertise is an asset.

As a Leader (or aspiring leader), you want to leverage your good standing and hard work to ethically influence the direction of an organisation and its workforce for success going into the ‘new normal’. Or maybe your vision is to work on innovative projects that make a difference for the organisation.

Simply put… being an integral partner to the organisation’s success matters to you.

Going into work and going through the motions is not enough for you. And being at the mercy of an unpredictable job landscape is unacceptable.

Without a clear vision and the right framework for effective personal branding and marketing that elevates your personal brand and offering in the marketplace, your career is in trouble.

Whilst personal branding and thought leadership were key to a successful career pre COVID-19, the ‘new normal’ demands it for future-proofing your career and  having a steady flow of opportunities; whether that be via the traditional route of an employer/employee relationship or as a consultant or freelancer taking advantage of the gig economy.


We Can Help

Most ‘personal branding’ services and job search tactics are slow and ineffective. Because they’re tactics, not strategies.

And here’s the truth. A resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter is NOT personal branding.

These documents play a small part in your personal branding and marketing, but only when done right. They may be good for a small portion of your time. You might even get some traction. Eventually. Someday.

When it comes to leveraging your brand, building future opportunities, and accessing the OUTSTANDING jobs that aren’t advertised, the old tactics and branding are hopeless.

And the old tactics won’t provide you with a career by design, multiple opportunities and a choice on who you want to work for… so you’re in a role that meets all your job criteria.

Working side-by-side with our clients, we design authentic personal brands and strategies that cut above the noise and help Leaders and aspiring leaders in elevating their value.

With strategies and personal branding and marketing that works for the ‘new normal’, we give you clarity, the tools, AND mindset support so you can transform your career… and we’re there beside you all the way.


Big Oak Coaching is Different

Getting traction in your career needs more than than a LinkedIn profile or resume. That’s old school.

Instead, we take the approach that you are your own company – after all it’s fair to say, wouldn’t you agree, that you own your name, your persona, your unique needs, wants and skills? You have put your own personal ‘stamp’ on YOU. You are a valuable asset, not a commodity. You own who you are… you are your own company.

It’s not enough to network on the odd occasion, to jazz up your resume and LinkedIn profile and believe those limited activities will bolster your credibility, your personal brand, and future career opportunities.

At Big Oak Coaching, we translate modern business branding and marketing to an individual perspective, crafting solutions and strategies that position you as a thought leader and innovative professional within your field.  Someone who is remembered, who is the go-to person in your sphere of expertise, who is approached for opportunities.

We also know and understand the values and philosophies that drive purpose-driven Leaders (and aspiring leaders).

Our methodology, framework, strategies and coaching honour this, where we serve as a facilitator in your career transformation and opportunities so you can do your best work. Work that is etched on your heart. Work where you are being inspired. Work that makes a greater impact.



We're Not For Everyone

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Work With Us



Don't work with us if you want "easy"

Carving out a personal brand and strategies takes work. A lot of it. If you’re expecting us to do all the heavy lifting, we can’t help you.

We have a step-by-step, proven system that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. We make the process enjoyable, fun and as simple as possible. While we make the path easier, it will not be easy. There is no such thing.

Success requires hard work and a committment to be decisive, resourceful and coachable. Our clients achieve success because, with our help, they follow the process and smash through challenges, setbacks and fear.


Don't work with us if you expect to be an overnight success

There is no such thing.

Building and growing a personal brand demands that you take the time and do it right. After all, it’s your reputation that’s on the line.

It takes time to grow an image, to position yourself as an expert and influencer, to grow relationships, to grow trust, to grow your ‘name’.

Personal branding and marketing should be looked upon as one of your major long-term strategies moving forward in your career.

That’s not to say you don’t have short-term strategies – such as securing a new role in the immediate or short-term. We help you achieve that short-term goal too.

Whilst many clients achieve outstanding career successes and opportunities quickly, the greatest rewards are from effort and momentum. We wouldn’t want anything less for you to ensure you are on a career trajectory that inspires you and where you feel like you never work a day in your life.



Don't work with us if you don't have a record of results

If you don’t have a track record of results and expertise and can’t demonstrate ROI, then we can’t help you. We’re personal brand strategists and executive career coaches, not magicians.

If you solve problems, or help a business succeed, or in a project related or KPI-driven role… as long as you’re doing something that achieves an outcome in some way – and one where you play a key role in achieving that outcome – then we can help. And yes, we can do that even if your results are in a different role or industry.

Are We A Good Fit?

Who We Work With

We work specifically with Leaders, Emerging  Leaders and Servant Leaders. As well as Intrapreneurs (folk who are entrepreneurial and employed within an organisation).

You consider yourself a leader / innovator who is purpose-driven and highly committed to your career and the people you serve and work with. Whilst salary is a factor, doing work you are passionate about – something that is etched on your heart – matters the most, with the ability to make an impact at a higher level.

You may know exactly what role you want or that might be a a little fuzzy right now. But if you yearn to make a greater impact within a company and in your sphere of expertise whilst being true to your personal values and desire to make a difference, we can help.

You MUST be Committed, Coachable, Decisive, Resourceful.

If that sounds like you, we invite you to a confidential chat to discuss your goals and see if we’re a fit to work together. Register your expression of interest here.



To elevate the authentic personal brands and ethical influence of Leaders, Aspiring Leaders and Intrapreneurs, so they can advance their career and serve as a catalyst for financially sound organisations, happy workforces, and raved about products and services.




Personalised online and offline strategies to quickly secure a new role, without the ‘icky’ job search tactics.



Build and grow your authentic personal brand and thought leadership for career opportunities.



Leverage your personal brand and influence to make a greater impact. Achieve enhanced relationships and work / life balance.

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