Bypass What Everyone Else Is Doing

When you spend the majority of your waking hours at work – 100,000 hours over your adult lifetime – it is imperative to your wellbeing and career success to be happy in what you do. When you are in a fulfilling role that brings joy, you feel like you never have to work a day in your life.

With our help, Leaders & Professionals reconnect with what matters. And when they do, we help them identify their value and strengths, decipher the return on investment (ROI) they bring to an employer, confidently market their worth, bypass what everyone else is doing with a strategic career & job-search plan, and land a new position they love.

And without using underhanded tactics such as sensationalizing, bragging, wild claims… or applying for a gazillion jobs, blasting their resume into the black hole, or wasting hours trolling job boards.

Do Work That Matters

When you remain in a soul crushing job, it zaps your motivation and zest for life, your career goes nowhere, and you continue to be passed over or ignored for promotions and salary increases. And if you’re doing a career pivot toward a role that fits your passion & purpose, you feel beaten down before you’ve begun because no-one will interview you.

We fix all of that.

Our clients land jobs they love, feel valued, are paid what they’re worth, AND have a greater impact in their sphere of expertise.

Transition & Thrive In A Job You Love

Our strategies typically see clients land a job fast, position themselves as THE expert, increase their calls for interview, and bypass the traditional job search and go straight to the fast lane without ‘icky’ job search tactics.

✔ Increase your rate of interviews and job offers.
✔ Reduce time in the job hunt.
✔ Spearhead opportunities with marketing & job search strategies.
✔ Prove your value and worth to an employer.
✔ Improve self-belief and personal confidence.
✔ Create a career-by-design, tailored to your life purpose and values.
✔ “Rock the Interview” strategies to get the job.
✔ Negotiate an optimum compensation package.
✔ Transition and thrive in a new position.

Executives. Managers. Consultants. Strategists. High-Level Professionals. 

We invite you to a complimentary training where we take you through our process of landing a job you love and within a company you are proud to serve in.

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Learn the secrets our clients use to land a job they love (by bypassing the system and avoiding endless rejection by recruiters).




Nik Popovic

High Performance Coach

… was asked to work with 3 separate Chinese basketball clubs and 2 NBL clubs in Australia… decided to take the role with Melbourne United Basketball Club. Thank you so much.

Antonio G

Senior Executive

I won the Deputy CEO role… it’s a role that brings together all of my past experiences and learnings, hence a great opportunity. All the best to you.

Wayne E

Mechanical & Piping Lead Supervisor

Following these discussions and coaching from Tara I have secured a position in Kazakhstan on USD$38B ‘TCO’ Project in Tengiz Oil Fields with management team and key personnel unknown to me previously.

Rolf V

Global Head of Operations

… how to approach the job market through a multi-tier plan, key aspects of successful interviewing, which types of jobs to focus on etc. I received a number of job offers  [and] Tara advised me on which opportunities would suit my skillset better and therefore have a higher probability of long term job satisfaction and career growth.

Juan C

Civil / Project Engineer

I was able to find a job in less than 30 days that was more suitable with my career goals.

Christian N

UI/UX Manager

It took me exactly a week to find a job I really wanted. Not only that but profile views on LinkedIn increased by 30% giving me confidence of my achievement and allowing me to connect and extend my network.

Michael B

Business Development Executive

When one’s age is 50 plus most industries have a prejudice against employing the aged. My interview requests quadrupled and, within two days, I found a Business Development position, with a global company, that paid 6 figures plus.

Robert G

Commercial Manager

My profile went from zero for my target role keywords to 1st position and quick contact from recruiters. Its also good to have a supportive adviser alongside.




Personalised online and offline strategies to quickly secure a new role, without the ‘icky’ job search tactics.



Build and grow your authentic personal brand and thought leadership for career opportunities.



Leverage your personal brand and influence to make a greater impact. Achieve enhanced relationships and work / life balance.

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