Dragging myself out of bed today at 4.30 on a chilly 1 degree morning isn’t my idea of fun. In fact, there were several negative thoughts running through my brain until I woke up after a nice cup of tea.


But forgetting about the 4.30 and the cup of tea… let’s focus on negative thoughts. Because the average person has 10,000 to 50,000 negative thoughts a day. And a lot of those are on repeat! Oftentimes, you’re not aware the negative thought is happening because it’s automatic.


This morning, I could hear the few negative complaints rattling around in my brain. I knew what it was about. But here’s the deal. Sure as eggs there are thousands more rattling around in my noggin that I’m not taking any notice of, but my subconscious sure as hell is. This happens to us all.


When you’re in the job search or considering a career move, negative thoughts are working overtime…. And you’re not even aware of them. This is because you’re out of your comfort zone and you encounter challenging situations. Like rejection, not feeling good enough, and the like. With all the programming and beliefs downloaded since you were a baby, you have a lot of stuff stored away, right!?


If you don’t make a conscious effort to listen for the negative thought, it will play the same track over and over. And this makes it harder – at times, damn impossible – to get ANY traction and bring to life whatever it is you want to do.


Here’s my tip. When I become aware of a negative thought, I reframe a negative to a positive. This is the beauty of the Law of Polarity… which states that everything has an opposite. There’s North and South, black and white, night and day, etc, right? Well, your negative thought ALWAYS has an opposite too.


So when I’m aware of it, I STOP. I acknowledge the negative thought but I do not give it any credibility. I love and honour my subconscious for thinking it knows best, but I am in control, not my subconscious. So I tap on it. I do a round of EFT tapping on the negative thought, then I reframe with the opposite and do another round of tapping. If it’s serious – WOAH! – I continue to work on that negative thought until it no longer has any power.


Other ways to shift your negative thought is writing down the opposite. See it! Seeing your words in writing can serve as a huge shift. But don’t give up after doing it once. Or set a timer on your phone to repeat a positive affirmation a few times a day… in contrast to the negative thought. There are numerous different things you can do to counter the negative. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it works for you. But whatever you do, do something. Taking action is key.


There’s no joy in letting your negative thoughts run on autopilot and control the outcome of your life and career.  They freeze you in your tracks… just like the ice on your windshield. You can’t go anywhere until you clear it off!


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