Recently, I interviewed Shubhangi Chandra of Effortless Allure to find out How To Dress to Impress At Your Job Interview. She provided fabulous tips for men and women that shouldn’t be missed!

Don’t let your hard work in securing an interview be undermined by your image! 

The interviewer will unintentionally form judgements within the first 3-7 seconds. Usually before you even open your mouth!

Here’s what you’ll want to know to make sure you’re remembered for your skills and NOT what you wear.  

  • How to overcome ‘Confirmation Bias’
  • What to do to boost your confidence before you have the job interview
  • Why it’s critical to know the culture of the company before you don your outfit
  • How to dress within the company’s ‘rules’
  • Hey, I’m an individual! Ways to express your unique style without giving up your personality
  • How to reduce a disconnect between what you wear and who you are
  • How to apply the +1 / -1 rule to your dress code
  • Does what you wear reflect the position being interviewed for?
  • Why you need to reconsider wearing bright red, yellow or blue – or any other bright colour
  • Ways to define a ‘baseline dress code’
  • If there’s one thing you should have in your wardrobe, it’s this big tip…

In fact, Shubhangi’s advice doesn’t stop at job interviews. These are solid tips for your entire career, including professional business meetings. Tune in now to learn how to dress to influence!

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